Wealth Management & Financial Planning

Wealth Management & Financial Planning

What we do

As Registered Investment Advisors we are required by law to place your interests before our own and the firm. The key areas of importance to our clients are;

  • Transparency
  • True diversification
  • Hedging against macro trends
  • Consistent returns
  • Tax  efficiency

Together we will create a Strategic Wealth Management Plan, design the appropriate Asset Allocation and overall Portfolio for you and consult you about your investments on an ongoing basis. We monitor world financial markets and the potential impact on your investments.

The value of the information we provide on an ongoing basis to our clients extends beyond the actual Assets Under Management with Blom Levy. The information and guidance we provide is intended to be used across your entire net worth; your complete Portfolio of assets and liabilities regardless of where those assets and liabilities are held in custody.

In contrast to standard practice in the Financial Services industry, where fees are based on Assets Under Management and a non-existent ability to select out-performing investments, we provide ongoing advice that matters to you based on your total assets and liabilities.

Families depend on our decades of experience in global investment management. The focus of our practice is on a small group of clients; our clients will receive the same level of attention and vigilance 20 years from now as they do today. We have over 25 years of experience in both business and investing in financial markets. 

We pride ourselves on our role as caring guides rather than salesmen. Our fee structure is particularly beneficial to those seeking to build and maintain their wealth over time without the drag on performance which you normally face when working with the prevailing practice of firms that charge a percentage on assets under management. Having an experienced craftsman by your side that actually cares about you and knows how to separate the ‘wheat from the chaff’ in a world overwhelmed by information is the intelligent choice of smart families.

  • We are entirely focused on the quality of the relationship we have with our clients; not amassing ever greater amounts of assets under management
  • We sell no products only unbiased advice, planning and professional strategies directly to our clients rather than the usual industry practice of acting as middlemen referring you to outside managers, funds and products which add yet another unnecessary layer of fees.
  •  We never take custody or direct control of client assets. Your money and investments are always kept at a third-party custodian of your choice. (Our primary custodian relationship is with Schwab Institutional.) We provide the planning and advice and your money is always safe and under your full control at Schwab Institutional (or the custodian of your choice).
  • Standard practice in the business is to charge a percentage on assets under management which creates a permanent drag on your ability compound your wealth. A great benefit to our clients is that we provide our services at a flat dollar, easy-to-understand fee.
  • A common sales tactic in the business is to claim that your Firm has exclusive “access” to a particular product or service that other Firms cannot offer; this is nonsense. All investment products are built from the very same building blocks of Risk Factors and those building blocks are available to you, me and everyone else. Blom Levy has all the tools available at its disposal to create the perfect strategy for you.
  • Parallel to the development of our investment methodology which we honed in the world of Quantitative Hedge Funds, we developed an information gathering process that has become absolutely essential in today's world of information overload. It consists of three steps - Capture-Sort-Distinguish. It gives us the ability to act on valuable information in a timely manner while calmly ignoring meaningless noise; an invaluable service for our families and clients.