Wealth Management & Financial Planning

Wealth Management & Financial Planning

The Total Market Philosophy of Saving & Investing

Over the past 25 years we have developed a method to address the fact that Modern Portfolio Theory, conventional Asset Allocation and Diversification do not provide satisfying solutions for investors in the real world of modern markets.

Our method is known as the Total Market Philosophy. Its central tenet holds that ‘what’ to invest in has already been decided for us by the Capital Structure of the markets. The answer to ‘what’ is to own broad exposure to global economic activity.

Picking winners is a fool’s errand that will inevitably end in tears; Investors must look at the whole spectrum of Risk Factors available to them, not just Stocks and Bonds. This is most efficiently achieved via properly constructed, low cost, broad market indexes and direct ownership of Stocks and Bonds.

When you see that one Mutual Fund has performed better than another over some period of time this is almost entirely due to one fund having had greater exposure to the Asset Class that performed best over that time period. Asset Class weightings explains the vast majority of fund differences and a great deal of individual asset differences; Asset Allocation is the most important aspect of portfolio design, monitoring and maintenance.

Over time and through careful tailoring to each family’s unique circumstances The Total Market Philosophy of saving & investing allows you to navigate calmly through all environments.

Portfolios are based on a Strategic Plan that targets your unique objectives while achieving broad exposure to global economic activity. The Plan is primary; The Portfolio follows the Plan; not the other way around. All the pieces of your wealth must ‘sing from the same sheet music‘. The Strategic Plan is what is so often missing from families' investment strategies.